UKANDU Virtual Camp

Born out of hardship and necessity, our newest program, UKANDU Virtual Camp, was initially offered as a substitute for Camp UKANDU in the summer of 2020. As that wild experiment proved to be a smashing success, we realized this is an offering we can make every year. Unfortunately, there are children of all ages who are too sick to make it to one of our programs in any given year. And as we learned in 2020, there are families across the country who would love to experience the ‘hope and joy’ that UKANDU provides. So we are committed to offering virtual programming on an ongoing basis for our community.

Virtual programming includes live and interactive as well as pre-recorded material for our participants. Newscasts and campfires; “Kamp Kitchen” cooking classes and art projects; family room or backyard obstacle courses and other physical activities help break up the monotony for children stuck at home or in the hospital. Beyond the magic shows, s’mores and care packages, UKANDU Virtual Camp provides access to ‘community and connection’ that are the hallmark of all UKANDU programming.