Cancer sucks. We're here for you

We know a cancer diagnosis is life-changing and each member of the family experiences their own 'cancer journey.' UKANDU is here for the entire family. Whether you're ready for some outrageous fun, looking for a community of people who 'just get it,' or simply need a reminder that hope and joy exist - UKANDU is for you.

Experience UKANDU

UKANDU is the largest and longest running provider of medically surpervised camps in Oregon. We create safe, supportive spaces where patients, siblings, and their caregivers can experience hope and joy while building a supportive community.

Upcoming Events

100% of UKANDU programming is 100% free for families!

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June 18 - 24

Camp UKANDU is a week-long residential summer camp at YMCA's Camp Collins for patients, survivors, and one of their siblings aged 8-18 to spend time together, along with 110+ volunteers, playing games, climbing rock walls, riding horses, and 'just being kids'! Applications will open soon - stay tuned!
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UKANDU Family Camp
July 18 - 24

UKANDU Family Camp is a chance for families experiencing childhood or adolescent cancer to come and have an outrageously fun summer camp experience! This is a great opportunity for kids who are too young for Camp UKANDU or parents who are excited to experience the 'UKANDU Spirit' with their kids!


UKANDU Teen Retreat
August 6 - 11, 2023

The UKANDU Teen Retreat partners with LEAP to provide a unique outdoor excursion experience. Teen Retreat is an opportunity for participants to white water kayak down the lower 53 miles of the Salmon River starting in Idaho and ending in Oregon and camping each night along the river bank. 

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide hope, joy, and connection to communities impacted by childhood and adolescent cancer. We also recognize that cancer impacts the entire family and try to address the unique needs of each member of the family through our programs and services. No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, UKANDU has a place for you!


Hear from people who've been there before:

"Everyone just welcomed us in. And the feeling of being welcomed and trusting new people was very new for us. You're not known as that kid with the bald head. The feeling of not having to be worried about being a burden and knowing everyone is just watching over me - taking care of me. It's our UKANDU family."
- UKANDU Participant

"There's this opportunity - a unique place that's really beyond understanding - where you can send this child that you care so deeply about, who's in this really, really lousy spot and just know that they're gonna thrive. It's healing."
- UKANDU Parent

"There they are – they’re fighting their battle. And here I am, helpless and alone. But when I came here, I met all the other siblings. I’ve met so many friends who were siblings and we’ve been able to share experiences. It makes me feel good, knowing I’m not the only one."
- UKANDU Participant

"I think camp is important to parents... because we're fighting two battles. We're fighting for our kids' lives. But we're also fighting for their spirit. I was desperate for someone to put a smile on his face. I wanted help with that. Being able to release him to Camp UKANDU where we knew he was going to be taken care of medically - and we knew we were going to get help reviving his spirit was a huge blessing and a relief."
- UKANDU Parent


Reach out to our team with any questions you may have - we look forward to hearing from you!

Families who expierience a childhood or adolescent cancer diagnosis report higher levels of depression, anxiety, and instability.