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Born out of hardship and necessity, our newest program, UKANDU Virtual Camp, was initially offered as a substitute for Camp UKANDU in the summer of 2020. As that wild experiment proved to be a smashing success, we realized this is an offering we can make every year. Unfortunately, there are children of all ages who are too sick to make it to one of our programs in any given year. And as we learned in 2020, there are families across the country who would love to experience the ‘hope and joy’ that UKANDU provides. So we are committed to offering virtual programming on an ongoing basis for our community....

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Starting in the 90s, The Teen Retreat was originally offered as a program within a program during Camp UKANDU, and was offered as a way to recognize the unique needs of adolescents impacted by cancer. Our teen campers have acted as role models to our younger campers from the beginning, and the Teen Retreat became a way for us to share our appreciation for their contribution to Camp UKANDU....


The ‘flagship’ offering from UKANDU, “Camp UKANDU” has been providing a week of ‘outrageous fun’ to children ages 8-18 since 1986.

When a family learns that one of their children is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing most of them want to do is send that child away from the family for a week. Time becomes more precious than it has ever been known. Parents are understandably covetous of the time and a future that is too often cut short....


UKANDU Family Camp was another logical program extension of the ‘hope and joy’ that Camp UKANDU has delivered for more than three decades. Our Executive Director and Program Director grew tired of the heartbreaking requests from parents asking if their six year old could ‘please just come to camp.’ Knowing that too many children will die before making it to Camp UKANDU meant that we needed to do more. Over years of interacting with the parents of our campers, we realized parents are just big kids too!


Young people see the world in wonderfully unique ways. We believe bringing emerging leaders together to identify and address a need, not only makes a positive impact on our shared community, we know how empowering volunteer service can be. While Camp UKANDU and other UKANDU programs facilitate this growth and learning in critical ways, UKANDU Corps aims to draw on the powerful experience and self-confidence that comes by serving others. UC will bring together impassioned young people, aged 12-16, cultivating connection and understanding between peers with diverse backgrounds and unique lived experiences. Emerging leaders will come together to identify a need in their community, and with the support and guidance of professionals and volunteers, better the community we all share.

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Started in 2018, the UKANDU Family Reunion is for anyone who has attended, or whose family members attended any of the UKANDU programming over our 36 years. Like any family reunion, and with hundreds of campers and volunteers each year, this affair can be a raucous affair. But like all UKANDU fun, this fun is responsible and deserving of our proud UKANDU name.