UKANDU Corps is an 8-week program for 12 to 16-year-olds to come together and create meaningful service initiatives to better their shared community.

At bi-monthly meetings, August - October, participants meet to hear from guest speakers, learn about service opportunities, collaborate, and ultimately perform a service initiative of their own.

Applications for 2023 UKANDU Corps are open now! Meetings will begin on August 27th and run through late November. Please contact Robin 'Bluebird' Emerick with any questions.

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UKANDU Corps participants learn to work together, problem-solve, and resolve disagreements through bi-monthly meetings.

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UKANDU Corps participants work together to create and carry out a service initiative to better their community. 

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At UKANDU, we know leadership can (and must!) come from anywhere - including young people!

UKANDU Corps (UC) is a logical extension of one of UKANDU’s core values – that leadership can come from everywhere. It is in our DNA – heck, it’s in our name! – to remind people that “You Can Do!” a lot in life, no matter your challenges. We also believe thinking outside of oneself and serving others boosts self-confidence. When we see our efforts have a positive impact on someone else’s life and on the world around us, pride and self-worth flourish.

Young people see the world in wonderfully unique ways. We believe bringing emerging leaders together to identify and address a need that they identify, not only makes a positive impact on our shared community, we know how empowering volunteer service can be. While Camp UKANDU and other UKANDU programs facilitate this growth and learning in critical ways, UKANDU Corps aims to draw on the powerful experience that of serving others. UC will bring together impassioned young people, aged 12-16, cultivating connection and understanding between peers with diverse backgrounds and unique lived experiences.

UKANDU Corps' Work

Our young leaders heard from guest speakers, pondered the definition of "service" and "collaboration," and ultimately create and execute service projects on issues that were important to them!


2021 - Coming Out Panel

This cohort of young leaders identified challenges that the LGBTQIA+ community may face and wanted to create a space that was welcoming, accepting, and safe for all people. Weeks of hard work culminated in an hour-long 'Coming Out Panel' hosted by our young leaders and moderated by community mentor, Kashi Maya Tamang. The panel addressed questions such as "How do I come out?", "How can I support my friend coming out?", and "Why is coming out important?". The panel can be found on YouTube and will serve as an online resource!

2022 - Teens For A Cause

This cohort had so many things they were passionate about they couldn't choose just one! The solution? A website encouraging teens to get involved across four different 'issues'! Thus, Teens For a Cause was born! The cohort worked hard to find local resources and organizations working to address LGBTQIA+ issues, climate change, childhood cancer, and mental health. At the end of the 8-week program the cohort launched the website and presented it to their friends and family.

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Support UKANDU Corps

All UKANDU programming is 100% free to participants. We rely on contributions from our generous donors to continue providing hope, joy, and connection to families impacted by childhood and adolescent cancer.

*As a 501(c)(3), UKANDU is a non-partisan organization and cannot take action on behalf of or in opposition to a political candidate or any specific legislation.