UKANDU Corps was conceived by our Executive Director and inspired by his own experience in volunteering at UKANDU. It is in our DNA – heck, it’s in our name! – to remind people that “You Can Do!” a lot in life, no matter your challenges. When we see our efforts have a positive impact on someone else’s life and on the world around us, pride and self-worth flourish.

UKANDU Corps aims to draw on the powerful experience and self-confidence that comes from serving others. UC will bring together impassioned young people, aged 12-16, cultivating connection and understanding between peers with diverse backgrounds and unique lived experiences. Emerging leaders will come together to identify a need in their community, and with the support and guidance of professionals and volunteers, better the community we all share. These initiatives WILL be chosen by the participants and may include fundraising for a group or cause; 'hands-on' service action; or advocacy or awareness for a group or cause.

UKANDU Corps meetings will take place every other Sunday between 1:30-3:30 with most meetings lasting no more than 90 minutes.

If you would like to get involved with UKANDU Corps, please reach out to our Executive Director, Jason Hickox at [email protected].

*As a 501(c)(3), UKANDU is prohibited from taking action on behalf of or in opposition to a political candidate or any specific legislation.