How to Support Childhood Cancer Awareness

Each September, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re reminded how much we can accomplish when we all come together and unite under a common cause. We’re also reminded that we cannot limit our efforts to one month of the year. Check out this page for resources on how to support and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer all year long!

Learn about Childhood Cancer

Dedicate some time to learning about childhood cancer and how it affects those that it impacts. There can be an overwhelming amount of information out there so here are some resources we’ve compiled for you! 

Families who expierience a childhood or adolescent cancer diagnosis report higher levels of depression, anxiety, and instability.

How Cancer Impacts the Whole Family

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Different Types of Childhood Cancer

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Support Local Organizations

There are so many local organizations doing incredible work to raise awareness and provide resources for families impacted by childhood cancer. Donating, volunteering, or just learning more about the work they do can all go a long way in helping them further their mission and expand their work! Here are a few that UKANDU routinely partners with. 


Providing intentionally curated Hero Packages and putting on carnival-style community events, Gamerosity exists to help Little Heroes battling cancer find a little joy and Press Play from a life put on pause. We know from experience that a little bit of happiness goes a long way along their journey


The Sam Day Foundation strives to fund research for rare pediatric cancers and life-giving experiences so kids with cancer can survive and live well. Did you know childhood cancer research is decades behind the progress we've seen in adult cancers? The Sam Day Foundation doesn't think that's okay so they are doing something about it!


Chelsea's Closet is a local nonprofit that began in 2009 to give seriously ill children and their siblings, the ability to dress up, play and use their imagination during their long days in the hospital. Chelsea's Closet has given out more than 15,000 costumes to children when they need that little something to brighten their spirits

Speak Up!

A huge part of raising awareness is using your network and your voice to speak on the issues! Share what you’ve learned or experienced with your friends, family, and/or social networks!