Participant Spotlight: Leo

Participant Spotlight: Leo

Leo first heard about UKANDU at age 5 when he underwent treatment for neuroblastoma. Leo’s oncologist and nurses introduced him to the joy of UKANDU and encouraged him and his family to look into the offered programming. Not yet old enough to attend Camp UKANDU, Leo anxiously awaited his 8th birthday and the day he could finally experience the UKANDU family. 

Finally, in 2019, Leo was able to attend Camp UKANDU. This was his first time spending any length of time away from home and he loved getting to connect with other kids with similar experiences and circumstances. 

Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021, Leo and his family attended all the virtual programming they could. Leo was excited to be able to share UKANDU with his parents while still getting to connect with other participants and see his favorite counselors. He especially loved all the opportunities to participate in virtual cooking classes. Leo’s creative approach to the Mystery Kitchen Challenge made him the star of Virtual Camp as he showed off his skills in the kitchen!

"Leo has been such a joy to have in our virtual activities this past year. His energy and enthusiasm are unmatched - even in a virtual format. We love having him at all of our UKANDU events!" says UKANDU's Program Director Kendra "Scooter" Gish.

Thank you Leo for being a part of our UKANDU Family!