Volunteer Spotlight: Fargo

Volunteer Spotlight: Fargo


Fargo, a long-time volunteer, first heard about Camp UKANDU from her colleague, and UKANDU volunteer, Chipper. Fargo was encouraged to come and experience the "outrageous fun" of this week-long Summer camp in 2000 and hasn't stopped coming back!

"I said "sure, sounds like fun" without knowing just how life-changing of an experience it would be," said Fargo.

Since then, Fargo has been an invaluable member of our UKANDU volunteer team. From Camp UKANDU to Virtual Camp, fundraising events, and everything in between, you can always count on Fargo to be there!

Fargo has been volunteering long enough to watch campers turn into volunteers. "It creates a special connection," she says, "when you go through difficult life experiences together, such as people dealing with cancer. You make a strong “family” bond. Crying together, mourning together but most importantly laughing and living life to its fullest. It creates a perspective on life you would not get anywhere else but at UKANDU."

"Fargo is a dedicated volunteer that is willing to help in any way she can, when asked to do something is ready and willing to give it her all. Her energy is contagious and her love for our families is evident!" says UKANDU Program Director, Kendra "Scooter" Gish.
Thank you, Fargo, our UKANDU Family wouldn't be complete without you!